Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yon garden has a lean and hungry look

With apologies to Shakespeare, our garden has entered the lean and hungry period. This is the period when winter crops have run their race, and new season crops are yet to be planted and bear.

At the moment the vegetable garden consists of some cabbages, one broccoli plant that is still producing, rhubarb, leeks and fennel. We have garlic that won’t be picked until November. In the orchard we are coming to the end of our citrus. I’m buying most of our fruit and veg at the moment.

This is how we arrived at this state of affairs:

1. My tactical error in planting pumpkins in the main garden last summer. The pumpkins were taking up space I should have been using to plant spring veg.
2. The winter crops are nearly spent.
3.Anything planted after mid-May has done precisely nothing .
4.To top things off, the Woolly Jumper broke into the veg garden fences and ate all the silverbeet and lettuces that were growing.

Never mind. I’ve learned my lesson. Plus, we’ve fixed the fences.

The extremely warm August we have had has meant that our fruit trees are already flowering, so another season is just around the corner…..

Quince flower

Plum tree in flower

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