Sunday, August 23, 2009

Going Solar

In Australia, we love to bag our governments, and in New South Wales, we have more to bag our State government about than most. One positive thing they are party to, though, is the rebate programme available to householders who install solar hot water systems. This runs alongside the rebate programme that the Federal Government has.
We've been wanting to take advantage of these programmes for a while. Finally, we had a bit of time to arrange a rep to come and check out our system. Half and hour later, we've signed up to get our ageing hot water system replaced with a solar system.
The downside of the programme is the fact you have to stump up the not inconsiderable cash upfront. For us, this is something like $5000. Quite a sum, and one that I think would put a lot of people off. When we get the rebates back, however, the new hot water system will cost us something like $1200.
I asked the rep who visited us whether they were busy. He showed me the sheaf of cheques he had collected from appointments he'd had over the last two days. The programme is very popular. You have to wonder how long the governments, State and Federal, will support it.
So if you are in Australia, and in New South Wales in particular, and are thinking of going solar I would suggest doing it sooner rather than later.

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Linda said...

I've never really thought about NSWelshmen bagging out their State. I'm just glad they are currently fixing up the roads near us, they are fantastic. Pity they don't use a good system of laying the tar, as it seems to come off again pretty quickly. Having said that lots of culverts going in, and lots of work.