Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Useless Bits of Crap

You'd think, wouldn't you, that in a home where the adults are trying to embrace what I call the "pared back life", that the kids would be right in step. Wouldn't you? {Heavy sigh} Not the case, I'm afraid, specifically in relation to their incessant collection of what I call "tiny bits of useless crap" or UBOC. (Apologies to those offended by the word "C**P").
What has brought on this foul mood? Well, it's the holidays, and every holidays I set aside a few hours to tackle the kids' rooms. And we've just done the job. And as ever, despite my vigilance, there were bagfuls of UBOC to toss. And as ever, I get into a sour mood.
I honestly can say that the origin of most of this stuff is not me or AM. Most of it is given to them by well-meaning friends and relatives for birthdays and Christmas, or handed down to them by older cousins. Some of it they buy themselves with their pocket money, despite my constant banging on about using their money to buy things they know they will value and will last (as opposed to stuff that ends up in dark recesses of cupboards to be forgotten ever more).
It seems that despite my best efforts with the kids to set a good example, to talk about the why and how of spending money, to eschew commercial electronic media, stuff insinuates itself into my home. I feel powerless against the onslaught, I have to admit. No wonder I get cranky.
I can report a recent win though. After the agreement to limit Easter Egg giving this year, I lobbied my family to institute a kris kringle for Christmas for the children (we already do this with adults), in an effort to limit the amount of UBOC bought. Despite some protests from some quarters (I'm not just the Easter Grinch, I am the Grinch full stop) , it looks like we will be doing this this year. Hooray.
Anyone out there winning the war against UBOC? How? Please share! Don't forget that any comments on this blog before next Monday 20 July will be in with a chance to win the latest edition of Backyard Farmer.

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