Friday, July 24, 2009

Teaching kids to care

My current teaching gig is teaching primary school science two days a week to students between preschool age and Year 6 (12 years). For the last few days, I’ve been preparing the teaching programme for Term 3 (and doing experiments like the electrolysis of water, and using a plastic sheet to gather water. Great holiday entertainment!).

Kindergarten and Year 2 are doing units of work with their “normal” teachers on Communities. Immediately, I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a Science unit on caring for the environment, specifically teaching kids the rudiments of reducing, reusing and recycling the waste we make.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this programme, and have lots of great ideas about starting a compost heap (provided I can find a safe place for it) with the classes and doing a campaign in the school about keeping the environment clean etc. One thing I would like to do is a “design and make” activity reusing a common piece of rubbish to make something useful eg. using cereal boxes as magazine holders. I need more ideas, so any ideas for reusing common household waste to make useful things that is within the reach of 5-8 year olds would be appreciated!


Sad day yesterday. I started using the last head of garlic, harvested last November. True, it’s not too perky, but it hasn’t sprouted and it tastes all right. So, for the next few months, until we can harvest the current crop, I’ll be on the lookout for Australian-grown garlic, not my pet-hate Chinese imported garlic. The spooky things done to this stuff doesn’t bear thinking about.

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Kel said...

i love that so manny bloggers (myself included) have all independently lamented the dwindling or empty stocks of garlic. its a telling tale!