Friday, July 17, 2009

Pruning grapevines

A few posts back, I wrote about facing the task of pruning 100 grapevines, which seems to fall to me each year.
So far, 72 down, 28 to go! The task has been helped by the investment in some decent secateurs.
Anyway, for those of you who might have a grapevine or two, this is how I prune a grapevine:

Your usual grapevine suspect

1. Assess your grapevine. Decide where you want to cut it at the ends and do this first. I try to cut adjacent to a upward facing bud.

All these branches emanating from the end of the vine get cut off
2. Cut off all the long, whippy trailing vines.

3. Cut off the small twiggy growth at the main branch.
4.Cut off any branches that are growing downward or off to the side at the main branch.

Small twigs and downward growing branches are pruned off
5. Cut upward facing branches, so that there are two buds on the branch.

6. If you have two branches coming out of the main branch next to each other, cut the weaker branch at the main branch and cut the stronger branch with two buds.

Ta da, one grapevine pruned. Bring on the other 99
7. Repeat until your grape vine is pruned.

Repeat, ad infinitum....

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