Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Knitting injury

The happy coincidence last week of being on holidays, and the First Ashes Test and the Tour de France has seen me ensconced in front of the television knitting away furiously.
Normally I don’t watch sport on television. Don’t have time. I follow the cricket in summer on the radio. Apart from Ricky Ponting and maybe Michael Clark, I wouldn’t know an Aussie cricketer if I fell over him in the street. As for the Tour de France, I put it on the other night for the very first time, and fell in love with the views. Of the scenery, I mean.
Lots of sport watching has meant lots of knitting. This is where my rug, started in April is up to so far:
As an aside, I started taking my knitting to my daughter’s netball matches on Saturday to distract me (daughter had complained about barracking from the sidelines. Too embarrassing). Unfortunately, it was useless as a diversionary tactic. I ended up unravelling most of what I knitted at the netball. So now, no knitting and I have to use my self control to shut up.
Back to sport on telly. Fortunately, the First Test finished on Sunday, and Monday night was a rest day on the Tour, because I’ve sustained a knitting injury. The skin on my middle finger between my two knuckles, where I wrap the wool, has been rubbed raw. I’ve had to take a break from knitting for a couple of nights to give it time to heal. It’s looking better, so it looks like I might be fit to knit in time for the State of Origin tonight (or the State of Origami, which I heard it described as on Radio National this morning). AM is a Queenslander, so the tension is high.

Meanwhile, our little lamb is now 12 days old and is growing at a great rate. This morning AM got close enough to pick her up and brought her down for us all to say hello.

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SMB tech geeks said...

Sorry to hear you've picked up a sports/knitting injury Paola, but I'm sure you have the sympathy of the entire sporting community. Perhaps you've even invented a new sport - extreme knitting - only the toughest will make it to the end of the blanket!

Sincerely, Emily said...

OH MY GOSH a knitting injury - too funny. I can relate...I do a lot of bead work and on occasion I would have a slice in one of the creases of my little finger from pulling at some heavy duty thread to much and too tightly. I did knit a wash rag recently (sort of after stumbling through it all again after years). the yarn I used was way too thick. I would like to try again (over several days to give the tendinitis a break) and use a much thinner cotton. OH little Lamb looks so beautiful. Emily

Paola said...

SMB tech geeks, welcome and thanks for the comment. Extreme knitting, now that's one sporting endeavour I might have a chance at! Hey, I'm tough enough (except for my middle finger).
Emily, seems like crafting injuries are more widespread than we thought!

SMB tech geeks said...

You go girl! Looking forward to seeing the finished product - or do we have to wait for Lamb Jr to produce the rest of the wool first? ;0)