Sunday, June 7, 2009


Years ago, Action Man was contemplating a career change, and did a course in Aquaculture, with the idea of starting a fish farm.
Fortunately, the main thing the course taught him was not to become a fish farmer. Personally, I was relieved. When I heard that fish farming is on par with dairy farming for time commitment, I admit any enthusiasm I had for the idea went straight out the window.
When we moved into this place 6 years ago this week, one of the first things Action Man did was stock the small dam with yabbies.
We bought them at a yabby farm north of Newcastle. We spent that night at my parent’s place, with the yabbies safe in buckets in the kitchen, or so we thought. Next morning was spent rounding up the yabbies from every nook and cranny of the house. Talk about fun.
The yabbies went into the dam, and have basically been left to their own devices. Every so often we put out the nets to see what is in there. A great activity when our children have friends around to play.
Here is the haul from our dam yesterday. The yabbies seem to be thriving. Lots of little yabbies, and a couple of nice sized ones as shown in the photo. They all went back into the dam. Occasionally we do cook a few, but the meat-to-body ratio is so small it scarcely seems worth the effort.


littleecofootprints said...

I tried cooking a few yabbies years ago after catching some in a friends dam. They are definateky not worth the effort are they :-)

Paola said...

Fortunately for the yabbies, their main worth is in providing hours of entertainment for kids. Did you know you can hypnotise a yabby?