Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sew what's been happening?

Since I brought my sewing machine back from the repairman, I haven’t done a tonne of sewing due to work commitments, but I’ve managed to slip upstairs to the machine on occasion. I love to get up there in my loft, put some music on and fiddle around. I may not produce much, but I enjoy the process.

This is a denim skirt I made from Burda World of Fashion 01-2009 Pattern 105. I’m really pleased with this skirt. It fits great, feels great and I like the quirky pleats and deep hem (a bit hard to see here). I did away with the exposed zip on the tummy (I do not need to draw attention to this part of my anatomy after two children) and cut the front on the fold, putting the zipper in the back. I struck this pose after my daughter who took the photo said to me "look like a model Mum".

For the last few weeks I have been working my way through the Build a Pants Muslin course offered through again. This has been more challenging, especially as I have only had limited time to work on them and my pants on my body seem to need a lot of alterations (twelve and counting..) , but I am slogging on because perfectly fitting pants are my holy grail. Perfectly fitting pants - how good would that be? If I can crack this, I can crack anything.

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