Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sewing Room Blues

Last Thursday I sat at my machine. I was feeling good, I had the whole day at my disposal, there was no housework to do, it was raining, so I didn’t feel as if I should be outside. Beauty, I thought, I might actually get some good work done on the second muslin for Burda pattern 2561 that I blogged about here. I was feeling so good that I started to think I might actually finish the whole project by Easter.

Pride goeth before the fall, or something like that. No sooner than I was overcome with an attack of the smugs, that my sewing machine stopped. Just stopped, midseam, jamming the threads so there was no chance of any more sewing. Mmmm.

I did everything I could think of. I rethreaded, I cleaned it out. No change.

So instead of spending the day sewing, I had to do an emergency dash to the sewing machine repair shop.

The repairman was sympathetic, but pointed to his full workroom and said, “it will be something like 3 weeks”. Mmmm.

I told him to call me if it was going to cost more than $150 to fix. If it is more than this, I’ll have to investigate my options.

While my frugal, no-waste self was whispering “just get it fixed, it will be fine!”, the other half of my brain was saying “you’ve always had your reservations this machine. If it’s going to cost a couple of hundred to fix, why not get a new one?”

My machine is a 10 year old Husqvarna 350, which at the time I bought it was a good step up from the machine I was using. But now it is driving like a 10 year old Commodore with a lot of mileage. It gets you from A to B, but the ride is a bit rough, and you have your doubts it will do the job. It has always had a problem with stitch length, it’s buttonhole function is below average and it rattles! And you have to call the NRMA from time to time.

I’ve had an idle glance at the Bernina website. I have a Bernina overlocker and the ride on it is like night and day. More like a foreign sportscar, and it’s stitch is a beauteous thing.

What to do? Honour my mindful consumption philosophy, or cut my losses? Given that I’ve been doing more and more sewing over the last year or so, and it is becoming so important in my life, perhaps an upgrade is in order. (How’s that for rationalisation!)

Above is a bit of sewing I managed to get done over the last week or so. It is another apron using a pattern I downloaded from the burdastyle site. It’s a great apron, easy to sew, with good coverage. Highly recommended. The main fabric is a cotton drill remnant from skirt I made when I lived in England more than 15 years ago. The ties and pocket are a remnant from curtains I made for my son four years ago. I’m quite happy with how it turned out…

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