Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Happy Easter

We have had a couple of good days around here. On Thursday we went to my parents’ place to help prepare for our traditional Good Friday get together. Our extended family always gets together on Good Friday: not only our family, but my aunts and uncles and cousins and their families. About 40 people all told. It’s a good, if exhausting,day.

Everyone contributes to lunch, which is based around fish. The centrepiece dish is baccala and polenta. Baccala is dried, salted fish which is reconstituted and cooked in a number of ways, and served with polenta. This is the traditional Good Friday dish from the region of Friuli in northeastern Italy, where my parents come from, but I believe it is common throughout Italy..

Yesterday we had a quiet day after returning home. I made a batch of hot cross buns, which we ate for breakfast on Easter Sunday morning. I was pretty chuffed with how they turned out.

I can bet not many people spent Easter Sunday the way I did: cleaning out cupboards. I cleaned and sorted out my wardrobe and my linen cupboard this morning. Sorting out cupboards is a job I try and do every six months, around the time of the autumn and spring equinox. (I wonder how many other people use the equinox as a trigger to do household chores?) I started last week with the pantry and the kitchen cupboards, and today was as good a day as any to continue!

The forecast of rain this weekend has turned out to be wrong, wrong, wrong. It was quite warm and humid today, so after lunch we went to the beach, about 5 minutes away. It was a perfect autumn day, the swell was gentle and the beach was packed! I went for a walk while Action Man and the kids went for a swim. It was a bit too cold for me.

Looking forward to another day off together tomorrow. Happy Easter to all. Hope you are all having a peaceful time.

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