Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pressing times

A week since the crush, it's now time to press the wine. We've borrowed a wine press from our neighbour (now if you want to know about living frugally and self-sufficiency, he's your go-to guy. Shame there is as much chance of him blogging as Kevin Rudd donning a tutu and guest performing for the Australian Ballet).
There is about 300 litres of fermented grape juice and skins currently in barrels to press. Pressing separates the juice and the skins. The pressed wine is then put into demijohns to mature for at least a couple of months. It's a bit of a process, with buckets and siphons and wine splattering everywhere.
Still, the wine this year is looking good this year. The ferment has gone well, we think, and the colour of the wine is spot-on. This is very encouraging, after last year's effort, which was a complete dud.
We'll be away for a few days, so I want to get a few other jobs done before we go.
Today I'll be making green tomato chutney after having pulled out all the tomato bushes from the garden the other day. I planted at least ten tomato bushes this year, and every single last one of them were complete disasters. I'll have to consult my books to figure out why. The only decent bush was a cherry tomato that self seeded in the front garden. The growth on it was fabulous, and we harvested heaps of cherry tomatoes even though we worked not one second on it, unlike it's coddled cousins around the back. Ironic, isn't it?
I'll also be blanching some broccoli for freezing. It's ready to eat right now, and if I don't pick it and deal with it, it will go to waste.
The media blackout continues, and will do so for at least the next few days. I've even decided not to bother buying the Saturday broadsheets for the first time ever. I am really not missing it.


Keltie said...

i'm in a similar boat with my tomatoes - lots of green fruit - because the bush rats got into the red ones. Grrrr. care to share your green tomato relish recipe?

Paola said...

I've been away for a few days, and didn't get to make the chutney before I left..ran out of time. I'll give it a bash and if it turns out well, I'll publish my recipe on the blog ASAP. Thanks for dropping by!