Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap

No, it’s not a pre-schoolers craft project, it’s a fruit fly trap.

I’ve been asked by miss*R to give directions on how to make a fruit fly trap. This is based on directions I found some years ago on the ABC website. I would love to give the original URL, but I can’t find it anymore there, so here goes:

To make the trap you need:

One empty 2 litre plastic bottle
Two 600ml plastic bottles
Cord or strong string
Scissors or knife

Cut the bottoms off the small plastic bottles
Make two holes on opposite sides of the large plastic bottle, about half way down the bottle.
Insert the bottle necks of the two smaller bottles into the holes, as shown.
Make two small holes on either side of the neck of the large bottle and thread through the cord or string and tie to make a loop,so the trap can hang in a tree.

There you go, a fruit fly trap. Now you mix up a mixture to attract the fruit fly. Into 1 cup of warm water I dissolve ½ cup sugar, 1 tablespoon vegemite ,1 teaspoon vanilla and about a cup of urine. Pour into the trap, so that it measures about 5 cms in the bottom of the trap. Top up with water if needed. You are ready to go. Check your traps regularly for signs of fruit fly, and top up when needed.

If your fruit fly problem is minor, the traps should be enough. If however, you are prone to major infestations, the traps will tell you when fruit fly are around, and you will need to supplement with regular spraying.

While we are on the topic, what to do if you get a major infestation despite the preventative measures? Pick up all the affected fruit, or any fallen fruit, just in case. Place in a plastic bag, tie it up and sit it in the sun for at least five days.

Best of luck.


miss*R said...

thanks for this. I have been making mine a litte differently over the past few years. I have just grabbed a bottle, randlomly drilled small holes in them and filling them with a mix of vegimite, sugar and water then replacing the lid. then wrapping wire around the neck, hanging them in the tree. they do work this way but I wasn't sure when to put them in.
what do you spray with? Is there an organic recipe? also what time of year do you set them? I am sure you told me somewhere in comment but I cannot remember.

Paola said...

We start putting the traps out early in the season (Nov/Dec). For us, they are an indicator of the presence of FF, not an eradicator.
We spray with an organic product called Eco-Lure. Be warned it is pricey ($50 a litre), but it goes a long way. And for us, it is either pay up, or forget about the orchard altogether.

miss*R said...

so I take it you use the eco-lure as the eradicator?

Paola said...

Yes, the eco-Naturalure is the eradicator.I believe it works by interrupting the life cycle, but don't ask me specifics.
I also stress that with fruit fly, especially in the humid coastal area where we live, you have to meticulously regular with the spraying and trapping. As I explained in a previous post, we got lax, and the fruit fly moved in. The other issue is a neighbour who doesn't treat her orchard - she just lets things slide, which means it is FF heaven around here.