Monday, March 2, 2009

Grape picking day

Saturday we had a great day for our now annual Grape Picking Day and Lunch. Ten adults, including my parents, brother, uncle and aunt and some of my cousins drove from fairly distant places to help. That in itself is wonderful. We worked for three hours picking the grapes while Action Man worked the crusher to produce a whopping 450 litres of shiraz and chambourcin grape juice. Then we all gathered for a well-deserved long lunch. The food was great, and we had enough (see previous entry regarding my not-enough-food phobia), so I was happy!

The camaraderie that results from a group of people getting together to achieve something for no direct personal gain, is one that you find only seldom these days. You get it with volunteering I suppose. I can imagine in times past this was quite common. Despite the work involved, it is certainly a day we all look forward to.

In a couple of weeks’ time we will have another Grape Picking Day, this time at my uncle’s place. His day is much bigger as he has so many more grapes to pick. Again, the extended family and assorted friends will gather for a very satisfying day. Our family is so blessed to be able to connect in this way.

After the picking, Action Man turned the kitchen into a bit of a science lab as he figured how much of what substance to add to the grape juice to get fermentation going. The fermentation is now well underway, and the glug-glug-glug sound emanating from the drums is quite evocative really!

On Sunday I was pleased to welcome a friend from school days and her husband and kids for lunch. Even though we haven’t seen each other for a few years (although we’ve exchanged a couple of emails), it was reassuring to find she was exactly the same, and we slipped into conversation just as easily as if we’d only met last week.

What a fabulous weekend!
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