Monday, February 9, 2009

A tragic day

This morning I woke up safe in my bed, got up and started to go about the business of another ordinary day, all the while thinking about all those people affected by the bushfires in Victoria who don’t have that luxury.

Tragedy is a word that gets bandied about a lot, but the scale of the loss of life and property in Victoria over the weekend, certainly deserves that word.

My thoughts are with all those people, who are at the moment coming to grips with their losses and wondering how they will get through the challenges they will face now and in the future. I can only guess at their emotions.

A truly sad day.


Linda said...

You are right, I don't think any of us feel normal and everyday today. I think it is wonderful that we can pop into each others blogs, it must help, it is a help to me.

Paola said...

I can't stop thinking about all those people in Victoria, it just gets sadder and sadder.