Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This week in the garden

Harvested: Zucchini, eggplant, lettuce, tomatoes, capsicum, silverbeet, beans, pattypan squash, peaches, figs, apples, passionfruit.

Planted: zilch.

Maintenance: water, water and more water.

All those climate change sceptics out there should have spent the last few weeks in southern Australia. It would be difficult to deny there is something weird going on with the weather.

The extreme weather Melbourne and Adelaide have been experienced has worked its way into this part of New South Wales. It’s been so hot around here over the last week or so I have been channelling Robin Williams from “Good Morning Vietnam”, you know “it’s hot, damn hot….were you born on the sun?” etc etc.

Working in the garden has been limited to hand watering the vegies in the early hours of the day. I’ve also rigged up sun shades over the broccoli and lettuce seedlings, while Action Man has placed a collapsible table, the nearest available thing, over some rainbow chard that was looking decidedly sick.

You’ll notice that I’ve been harvesting beans, from two dwarf bean plants that have survived from the 36 I planted. Two from 36, not a great success rate, I am sure everyone will agree. I think I’ve done everything I’m supposed to, honestly. The plants that have grown have been pretty prolific, but the rest either fail to germinate, or get decimated as soon as poke their heads through the mulch, or don’t grow more than a couple of inches. I am at a loss to know why. Any ideas?

Caterpillars are having a good go at the broccoli and cabbages planted last month, so I’ll have to look at some kind of organic spray.

The basil is looking fabulous. I bought a 1 kilo bag of pine nuts for a bargain price at the local food wholesaler in preparation for a pesto making session later this week.

After the full moon, I’ll be looking to plant some root crops to continue my experiment with moon planting.

As ever, it’s all go-go-go around here.

I find it difficult to understand how people can feel bored at home. I’m the opposite. I can’t wait to get home to get stuck into the garden, cooking, sewing or whatever else needs my attention, and there is always a list a mile long. Even though at times I spend a lot of time alone, I am almost never lonely and never bored.

How about you?


Linda said...

I can't say I feel lonely or bored at home. The time seems to go quickly.

I have an award waiting for you at my blog. If you have an questions I'll be happy to answer them.

Paola said...

Yes, time flies when you are having fun.
I'll be around your blog to check out the award!

Keltie said...

I was just reading about your beans. the birds love them - even the leaves. only way to grow them is to cage them. my husband built wire cages to go over most of our raised beds - to protect from possums/bush rats and of course various birds. so worth it though because fresh picked beans are so tasty my kids eat them raw!

Paola said...

Hi Keltie, Birds, of course! It hadn't occurred to me that they could be the culprits, but it all makes sense now. They seem to have a go at everything else.