Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back in the Garden

I've been terribly slack I know. Never mind. The winter months have been quiet in the kitchen garden this year. Apart from fennel, silverbeet, radicchio and cabbage not much has been growing. The garlic I planted in April is still there. I'll probably harvest it in a month or two.

Spring has arrived, and the pace has picked up. About a month ago I planted ready for the summer: tomatoes, beans, lettuces, capsicum, basil and parsley, zucchini and cucumbers. Today I added, squash, more lettuces, eggplant, another basil (we love pesto) and sage.

Harvesting this week: potatoes (mainly out of the compost heap), lettuce (cos and rocket), silverbeet and leeks. Also eating straight off the tree, mulberries.

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