Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Quiet Patch

May, and the days are getting shorter and colder. Not much happening in the vegie patch. The seedlings I planted two weeks ago have settled in nicely except for the brassicas, the cavolo nero and the broccolini. Some bugger has eaten these seedlings down to the ground, leaving the lettuces right next to them, alone. Go figure.

At the moment we are harvesting heaps of citrus fruit, mainly grapefruit and limes. Oh, and we harvested our first and only Brazilian cherry, the first fruit in 5 years. The Brazilian cherry was one "magical mystery" plants we decided on in our orchard. The plant itself is quite attractive, and has done well, but until now it has never fruited.

Today Action Man and I went halves in the fruit. It had a unique taste - sweet, tart with a medicinal overtone. I can't say that Brazilian cherries would have an avid following out with the masses.Still, it is a very attractive fruit, the red is like nothing I've seen on any other fruit.

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