Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We caved

Confession time, people. This year we saw our tomatoes, peaches and plums decimated due to fruit fly. Then it was the quinces, feijoa and guavas. Now it's the citrus: pink grapefruit and limes, and if we don't make a stand NOW, it'll be lemons, mandarins and oranges.

We've tried organic, we really have. We've made bizarre looking fruit fly traps. We've covered tomatoes in panty hose. We've gathered fallen fruit and placed them in plastic bags and left them in the sun for 5 days. But the power of the fruit fly has been too much. In the face of everything we have thrown at them, they've increased in number, dammit. We're exhausted, we've run up the white flag. We've caved and gone against our organic principles.

Yes, we've sprayed.

I resisted for as long as I could. I really didn't want to spray. I mean, what's the point of growing fruit at all, if you're just going to spray it like a fruit you would get from a shop? Why? Why? Organic fruit makes me feel all smug. I won't feel smug about eating my sprayed fruit, but at least I'll get to eat some.

And here's a rationalisation for you: my fruit may not be strictly organic, but at least the "food miles" are about 0.1 kilometres, so on that score at least, we'll be doing fairly well.

In other news....there is no news. Well not quite. It's been fairly quiet on the produce front. Summer crops have come to their end, although the zucchini which I had written off has suddenly perked up and started producing. God only knows why. And the pumpkin vines I thought were a bit of a dead loss actually have more pumpkins on them than I thought. Bonus, and bonus. Meanwhile, the winter seedlings I put in last week are looking pretty healthy, although something has already taken a swipe at the broccoli.

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