Sunday, April 27, 2008


Not much happening in the garden this week. We went for a road trip to Mudgee and visited the wineries up there to see how the real winemakers do their thing. One particular point of interest: as we drove into town we noticed that some grapes had been left on the vine. Apparently, they were shiraz grapes, left to rot because the weather (ie. rain at the wrong time) had ruined them, and the wine would have been undrinkable. Aha! Given our experiences with our grapes this season, perhaps that is exactly what we should have done too.

Apart from that, I planted this year's supply of garlic. I bought 2 heads of Russian garlic and 6 heads of "normal" organic garlic, and planted them out last week - About 120 cloves in all. My eight year old daughter was a great help, and a potentially tedious job was done in less than half an hour.

Garlic's great. You just plant and forget until late spring. Oh, you have to keep the weeds down, but I'm not perfect by any means in this regard, and my garlic last year turned out just fine. The only thing I did was add a little lime to the soil, as I read somewhere that the allium family appreciates a little lime.

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