Sunday, April 20, 2008


The other day, all our girls lined up for a communal dust bath, overseen by the man of the house, Mr Rooster. Dust baths are a common indulgence for all the girls, but I had never seen all seven bathe en masse before, hence the photo.
We all love the chooks. They each have their own persona - the shy, inquisitive, annoying, determined. We have them all.
Some of our ladies are rather elderly (think 3-4 years old) so we generally average around 3 eggs a day. This tally has been decreasing lately, and today we had no eggs at all. Around this time of year for 6-8 weeks I buy our eggs, so the chooks get labelled the bludgers, living in a welfare state.
Not pictured are our two Chinese silky chooks, named Jack and Fluffy. These guys are purely pet chooks, although fluffy does lay her cute little eggs occasionally.
Lately we have added ducks to the poultry house, which has added another dimension to the personalities. At the moment we have muscovies, pekins and another small grey duck that does a good line in being indignant. Although I like their upfront manner, I do not like the mess the ducks routinely make of the water supply.

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