Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fig to fig jam

Blogging is new, and therefore somewhat baffling. Since I've been posting I've tried to post photos, without any success. Today, I figured out what I've been doing wrong - not checking the "accept conditions of service" box. D'oh! I am such a technology amateur.
Anyway, here are photos of fig jam I made last week, glistening in the sunlight in my kitchen. Don't they look good?


Linda said...

They do look very nice. Our fig jam we made a few years wasn't perfect, and just edible.

Paola said...

What a shame, Linda. Figs and fig jam are amongst my favourites. I tell you, that fig jam didn't last long. I can't wait until this year's crop comes along in a month or two..

Linda said...

I have an uncle that loves figs, fig trees, dried figs (which I love as well), so I can relate.